Sleepio & Daylight

We all need a little help sometimes. Maybe sleepless nights have you groggy, reaching for your third cup of coffee – or maybe your racing thoughts leave you stressed and struggling to focus. Mental wellbeing affects every aspect of our lives, from energy to appetite, and each person’s needs are unique. Whether it’s poor sleep or worry and anxiety that stand in your way, your journey to better mental wellbeing can start in just a couple of minutes.

Daylight and Sleepio are science-backed digital therapies, personalised to your needs – with no need for prescriptions or a doctor’s appointment. They were built by mental health experts using evidence-based techniques, in collaboration with leading designers such as Pixar – because we believe mental healthcare should not only be effective, but also positive and fun. Start with Sleepio’s two-minute quiz to learn your Sleep Score and how to improve it or use Daylight to discover your Anxiety Type and how to manage it.



Daylight is an effective long-term solution for anxiety and worry, proven in a randomised controlled trial to help people living with high levels of anxiety to achieve a 71% improvement in their symptoms.

  • You start by taking a two-minute quiz to discover your Anxiety Type and identify the types of thoughts and behaviours that may be keeping you stuck
  • Then, after understanding your challenges and priorities, Daylight guides you through interactive exercises to tackle your worries and feelings
  • These exercises help you learn to relax, change your perspective on anxious thoughts, and address your fears so you can feel more present and in-control



Sleepio is an effective long-term solution to sleep difficulties, validated in 12 randomised controlled trials and over 100,000 UK users to date. In a large-scale, placebo-controlled trial, Sleepio helped 76% of poor sleepers achieve healthy sleep.

  • You start with a two-minute quiz to find out your Sleep Score and get a personalised report
  • Then you’ll be guided through online sessions by your animated sleep expert, The Prof, to learn a range of cognitive and behavioural techniques that are proven to work
  • These techniques help establish a healthy sleep pattern by addressing negative thoughts and behaviours, and developing a routine to make falling asleep and staying asleep more automatic and natural


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